This is your brain on tanning

New brain research! Scientists have now shown that people’s brains light up in the “oooh, drugs!” and “oooh, sugar!” parts of the brains when they’re on a tanning bed. But only if it’s a real tanning bed; if the light is filtered for UV rays (aka, the cancer kind) without their knowing it, they don’t feel as satisfied afterward — their brains know they got the placebo drug.

This further explains one dermatologist’s frustration that “young adults who were coming to see her with these beautiful bronze tans. And she would cut out skin cancers, and they would immediately go back to tanning.” Kind of like people who smoke even though they knew it will give them cancer and wrinkles. In fact, exactly like people who do something even though it will give them cancer and wrinkles! Read More »

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New Gus Vant Sant – Restless

1) Gus Van Sant
2) Mia “Jane Eyre” “Alice In Wonderland” etc Waiskowska
2) Dennis Hopper’s (adorable) son
3) Teen romance


(Well… I admit to having slight reservations about the whole ghost issue buuuttt… #1 calms my fears.)

You know what? It’s been way too long since I watched My Own Private Idaho. Must remedy that.

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I don’t think it’s cute when girls are mean to their boyfriends.

Hi. Here is a list of things that are wrong with this picture that I saw on tumblr:
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Constance McMillen all over again.

It’s Constance McMillen all over again: a high school principal in Corpus Christi, Texas has decided that if the law requires him to allow students to start a Gay Straight Alliance at Flour Bluff High School, he’ll just ban all extra-curricular clubs to avoid complying with the law.

Thankfully, it looks like senior Nikki Peet (17), the girl who’s trying to start the club, has plenty of support behind her; 150 people came to protest the principal’s decision. (While a handful of anti-gay bigots protested across the street.)

Check out this video and let’s play Who Is Saner:
The girl who says, “It’s a basic civil right, the ability to organize on campus.”
Orrr the conservative talk show host who says “I don’t hate anybody over there, but I do have a loathing…”

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I feel bad for Cassy Herkelman.

I mean, not that I pity her; I don’t think she needs my pity. Also, she could probably tie me in a Windsor knot but what I feel bad about is that:

She makes the friggin’ Iowa state tournament in wrestling. She and one other girl (Megan Black) are the first two girls to make it to state in the 85 years the tourney has existed. And when she gets there, she doesn’t even get to wrestle her first round because her opponent’s religious beliefs preclude him from being violent with a woman.

Obviously, it’s admirable to not want to be violent with women. It’s admirable to have a principle and stick to it. And from all reported accounts, the guy is not a douche. He’s just trying to reconcile his religious beliefs with a modern Western nation where girls are allowed to wrestle competitively, and sometimes kick copious amounts of ass.

But, here are the buts.
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Question: Do you think it’s creepy when authors start fake blogs/tumblrs/etc to lure you in?

So, a friend recently showed me this blog-type-apparatus of a writer friend of hers. The blog portends to be written by a teenage girl living in a unique circumstance and the author is definitely a great writer; I got totally sucked in.

But you know, it’s not really written by a teenage girl. I hear that YA authors are starting to do this… start a blog or tumblr or what have you to get the story moving, acquire some fans, and I assume the idea is that eventually you get a book deal, and then eventually you tell your readers “hey, just kidding… buy the book!”

Is it me, or would there be a kind of “wtf” moment when you realize that this story you were invested in that you thought was real is not, and this person you thought you were interacting with and quantum-ly entangled with is actually a figment? And that wtf might not really lead you to be like “I can’t wait to buy the book and read the final chapter!!” It might be more like, “dude. wtf.” Like, “What do you mean JT Leroy is a actually a straight woman?”

It seems like a gamble to me. And… it seems weirdly disrespectful to your readers, to me. I like fiction that’s marked fiction. But there’s no law against starting a fake blog, and good writin’ is good writin’.

What are your thoughts?

By the way, I have no idea if the writer of the particular blog that started me thinking about this has that in mind at ALL. She might just be doing a writing exercise, and a damned good one at that. I’d link to it but I assume she doesn’t want her spot blown up as fiction.

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OMG, peers, stop like pressuring me!

Interesting NYTimes post about a new teen brain study

The take away is basically that “peer pressure” often comes from within, rather than from your peers. In the experiment, teens playing a driving game made riskier choices when they were told that two of their same-sex friends were watching in another room. So it’s not like the friends were in there going, “Come on, all the cool kids are running yellow lights!” Or even shooting them looks… or even offering body language clues about what a cool kid would do to that yellow light. It was just the idea of the presence of friends that made teens make riskier decisions. (For all they know, their passenger friends were thinking “Holy baby Jesus, please don’t run that yellow light; it will be the death of us! Forsooth!” ) (Yes, your friends often think “forsooth” to themselves, I saw it in a trends research report.)

(Also, btw, younger kids and adults did not change their behavior if they thought friends were watching — so the rep that teens have for being the most susceptible to “peer pressure” is sadly pretty right on.)

This is probably one more reason why all of those high school educational films where the cool kids are like “Come on, you dorky nerd, do the pot! It’ll make you feel good!” have always seemed so corny. They should just have people standing around and then suddenly one kid going, “I wonder if I can jump from this roof to that roof.” If they want to be more realistic.

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I like music.

Two records about which I am psyched came out yesterday! A veritable cornucopia — that’s like, almost a FEW!

The first is Men: Talk About Body
Men website is here.
$8 album download on amazon is here
If you like: Le Tigre, dancing, genderfucking, feminism, or this video:

And the second is The Go! Team: Rolling Blackouts
The Go! Team website is here and has videos, which they won’t let me embed from youtube
And the entire album is only a FOUR BUCK download at amazon! What!? Sick!
It’s also available on Rhapsody if you roll like that. Have we talked about rolling like that? It’s a good way to roll. It’s my method, anyway.
If you like/You might also like: The Ettes, The Ting Tings, Envelopes, Ratatat.

K bye.

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Why do guys only like Oompa Loompa girls?

[Old post, July 2007, preserving it for posterity.]

“There are these guys I have crushes on: 3 and a half to be exact. The half is my best guy friend, that I really can’t have a crush on but I do anyway….. While I’m setting him up with one of my close friends. Uhm yea. But it’s like a naggle in my head that I like him, so it’s not my heart. Well other than my friend he’s always gone for the oompa loompas. The girls who are orange and have pee yellow hair. Now I’m not saying they’re not pretty and have a personality, but they’re all alike. I have brown hair, don’t dress in So Lows every day of my life, and am pale.

But I just want to know why the Oompas get all the guys and girls like me don’t?

I’m not complaining, I get my fair share of guys, but they’re never the ones I like!”

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Old-ass Aubrey Graham (Drake) Interview

[I did this interview with Aubrey Graham over IM in 2005, for I have no idea if he’d be upset that I’m keeping it alive over here as part of my portfolio, but I think it’s kind of hilarious and awesome. I remember asking him (I think twice) afterwards if he was really OK with me putting up all this stuff he said about Meagan Good and he said he was. But I think a few years later, it bummed him out and I heard he may have even told someone I made it all up, which kind of hurt. Hopefully now that he’s (as Drake) more famous than God, he’s back to thinking it’s funny.]

-Aubrey-: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaary?

The-Mary: AUUUBBS!

-Aubrey-: What’s up my lover!!!
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