30 All-Ages Shows in 30 Days

[Old post for The-N.com from 2004.]

So when I was on my road trip across the big huge country that I live in, I had an unfortunate run in with a bad oil change that resulted in me getting stuck in Colorado for about 3 days while my car had some very serious brain surgery. The lucky thing was that my friend’s band happened to be playing a show in town that night, so at least I got to go have a nice hug.

At the show, it was a kinda weird set up and a kinda weird vibe where no one was standing anywhere near the stage (emo kids take note: this was Maritime, which is two of the Promise Ring guys plus Eric from the Dismemberment Plan, so there was really no need to be so shy). But there was this one girl in a rad jacket standing right up there in front of the stage with me, dancing, like you’re supposed to do when good music is playing. And I was like “That girl is my hero,” but I didn’t even know the half of it.

After the show I started talking to her and she told me she’s Brandy, she’s 15 (that’s her in the pic), and that right now she’s going to a rock show every single night for 30 days. Just to do it, pretty much. She said all of her friends basically just go drink coffee at this one diner every night, and she was getting sick of it, so she’s bustin’ loose. And as can be expected, she’s seen and heard some pretty great music she might have missed otherwise. And some not-so-great music that she’s still not sorry she saw and heard.

Now, I mean, not all of us live in towns where there’s an all-ages show going on every single night for 30 days. But this girl totally made me start thinking about how at any given time, all we really have to do is open up the local paper and find out what’s going on nearby and there will be something. Free somethings, even! I mean, the worst that can happen is what? You find out that you are definitely, unequivocally not into Norwegian death metal? Or maybe you go to some dog show that you think is going to be hilarious but it just turns out to be kinda sad? But… at least now you’ll know, you know? And if it doesn’t suck, it just might rule, right? Either way, you could crack your world open a little bit and start noticing all these other tiny little worlds that go on underneath the surface. You could develop a highly sophisticated sense of “time well spent.” And you could have a much more burly answer to give when someone asks what you’ve been up to lately.

I mean what else are you doing with your summer vacation that’s so life-altering?


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