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New Gus Vant Sant – Restless

Tweet 1) Gus Van Sant 2) Mia “Jane Eyre” “Alice In Wonderland” etc Waiskowska 2) Dennis Hopper’s (adorable) son 3) Teen romance Sold. (Well… I admit to having slight reservations about the whole ghost issue buuuttt… #1 calms my fears.) You know what? It’s been way too long since I watched My Own Private Idaho. […]

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I like music.

Tweet Two records about which I am psyched came out yesterday! A veritable cornucopia — that’s like, almost a FEW! The first is Men: Talk About Body Men website is here. $8 album download on amazon is here If you like: Le Tigre, dancing, genderfucking, feminism, or this video: And the second is The Go! […]

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30 All-Ages Shows in 30 Days

Tweet [Old post for from 2004.] So when I was on my road trip across the big huge country that I live in, I had an unfortunate run in with a bad oil change that resulted in me getting stuck in Colorado for about 3 days while my car had some very serious brain […]

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The Girl Code of Honor

Tweet Yo. This is REALLY OLD. I wrote it in 1999 over on I kind of want to re-visit some parts of it… but here it is! Section One: Dating and “Open Season” Section Two: Declaring the Love of Your Life Section Three: Fashion Section Four: Secrets Section One: Dating and Open Season. Rule […]

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