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This is your brain on tanning

Tweet New brain research! Scientists have now shown that people’s brains light up in the “oooh, drugs!” and “oooh, sugar!” parts of the brains when they’re on a tanning bed. But only if it’s a real tanning bed; if the light is filtered for UV rays (aka, the cancer kind) without their knowing it, they […]

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I don’t think it’s cute when girls are mean to their boyfriends.

Tweet Hi. Here is a list of things that are wrong with this picture that I saw on tumblr:

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Constance McMillen all over again.

Tweet It’s Constance McMillen all over again: a high school principal in Corpus Christi, Texas has decided that if the law requires him to allow students to start a Gay Straight Alliance at Flour Bluff High School, he’ll just ban all extra-curricular clubs to avoid complying with the law. Thankfully, it looks like senior Nikki […]

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I feel bad for Cassy Herkelman.

Tweet I mean, not that I pity her; I don’t think she needs my pity. Also, she could probably tie me in a Windsor knot but what I feel bad about is that: She makes the friggin’ Iowa state tournament in wrestling. She and one other girl (Megan Black) are the first two girls to […]

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OMG, peers, stop like pressuring me!

Tweet Interesting NYTimes post about a new teen brain study… The take away is basically that “peer pressure” often comes from within, rather than from your peers. In the experiment, teens playing a driving game made riskier choices when they were told that two of their same-sex friends were watching in another room. So it’s […]

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Good news! TV won’t get you pregnant.

Tweet A new study says that watching 16 and Pregnant does not make teenagers want to go out and get impregnated, and in fact scares the hell out of most of them. Also, just a reminder, watching sex on TV probably won’t get you pregnant either.

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School district settles spying case

Tweet The Lower Merion school district will pay $610,000 to two students (well, mostly to their lawyers) after basically spying on them via the webcams on their school-issued laptops. The district had installed tracking software on student laptops, but didn’t tell students or parents about it. According to the district, it was only used to […]

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