Old-ass Aubrey Graham (Drake) Interview

[I did this interview with Aubrey Graham over IM in 2005, for The-N.com. I have no idea if he’d be upset that I’m keeping it alive over here as part of my portfolio, but I think it’s kind of hilarious and awesome. I remember asking him (I think twice) afterwards if he was really OK with me putting up all this stuff he said about Meagan Good and he said he was. But I think a few years later, it bummed him out and I heard he may have even told someone I made it all up, which kind of hurt. Hopefully now that he’s (as Drake) more famous than God, he’s back to thinking it’s funny.]

-Aubrey-: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaary?

The-Mary: AUUUBBS!

-Aubrey-: What’s up my lover!!!

The-Mary: DUDE! So I just talked to Stacey [Farber, aka Ellie]… I can’t believe you dealt with that super high energy woman on Good Day L.A. on 3 hours of post-flight sleep. I’d have broken down in tears.

Aubrey-: Nah, we handled our biznass… Stacey holds me down in every interview, we’re a duo to the fullest.

The-Mary: Word… Was Jake [Epstein, aka Craig] bummed that he didn’t get to go?

-Aubrey-: I don’t think he likes that kind of stuff. But we would’ve had fun

The-Mary: So was  Meagan Good at the Young Hollywood party?

-Aubrey-: YES! But I have a story of why she was disappointing and why my new crush is Jennifer Nicole Freeman.

The-Mary: TELL ME! Tell us all.

-Aubrey-: ok ok… first of all, nobody matches up to JaSaun before I get into all this…

The-Mary: HAHAHAHAH [Dear everyone: JaSaun is an associate producer at the N on whom Aubrey has openly crushed longlongtime.]

-Aubrey-: Buuuuut…Meagan was in her own world… she pulls rude jokes like looking you up and down when you talk to her and she was being molested by this guy that looked like he played a black character in Y&R and he was a mannequin for all the latest trends… and they were making out and going at it full on.

The-Mary: Bleah. Hollyweird.

-Aubrey-: But Jennifer was the sweetest girl ever. Ra-Fael [from The N] kept telling me that she was looking so I talked to her, and I think had Meagan not pulled her off to go to some other party we could’ve had a proper vibe going on.

-Aubrey-: But Meagan has lost all her previous appeal with me. Once u meet someone things can really change. Eva Mendes is cool though, she could have my babies.

The-Mary: She does look very… fertile.

-Aubrey-: And I met my childhood crush Garcelle Beauvais who is the most elegant woman in the world…she has my utmost respect and my heart should she ever desire it.

The-Mary: OK so, I heard there was some Mischa Barton static in an elevator. If you don’t want to say it out loud you don’t have to… but if you want to, you are MORE than welcome.

-Aubrey-: You know me… I’m honest, I have no obligations to keep anybody’s secrets. I enjoy upholding my image but at the same time I give credit where credit is due (both positive and negative). In regards to Mischa, it’s just a personality thing where she’s not that friendly, but then again who says she has to be? She may have made a comment about Degrassi and I may have been right behind her but who’s to say I didn’t hear wrong??

The-Mary: Fair enough

-Aubrey-: Things I can confirm are as follows: Nick Cannon is black Hollywood and I respect him so much more now, Jennifer Freeman is a sweetheart, Wilmer loves Stacey, Hilary needs to meet my aunts in Memphis for some southern cooking, Brandon T. Jackson made me feel comfortable at that party and I appreciate that… and Billy Dee Williams is my hero.

-Aubrey-: Oh and Kanye is the ish for telling off Toronto’s #1 radio station this morning…

The-Mary: Wait what did kanye do?

-Aubrey-: They edited “white girl” out of his new song to protect the ears of young caucasian listeners and he ripped them on air.

The-Mary: whooooooooooa

-Aubrey-: I raise my glass to him… Toronto is a city full of conservative haters.

The-Mary: That’s messed… I mean the edit.

The-Mary: OK, so this party: did the levels of celebrity madness seem like fun? Or did it seem like something that’s out of control, like something you need to keep in check lest you find yourself in their shoes?

-Aubrey-: I love humble people, I think it’s one of the most noble human qualities you can possess. It’s funny to me because I know I’m insecure and don’t have that much confidence, therefore I don’t put on a show when I go out. I meet who I need to meet and I try to subtly make a huge impression, but the way these people bury their issues is funny to me. It’s like some of these kids are going to break down one day in a hotel with dingy green light bulbs and an overflowing sink

The-Mary: HA!

-Aubrey-: when the champagne dreams are over… I can’t imagine what’ll happen when the actual person hatches out of this thick shell.

The-Mary: But some of them get it right, right? Like Jennifer Freeman and Garcelle Beauvais…

-Aubrey-: Oh there are some beautiful people in Hollywood, and I mean personality wise. Those that take the time to actually converse and set aside their fame and assets and just let you know they’re real… that’s a beautiful person.

-Aubrey-: Garcelle is the definition of a classy, beautiful person, you can quote that in all caps on CNN

The-Mary: And how about a shout out to all the voters who clicked and Teen Chose you?

-Aubrey-: To anybody who’s ever said the word Degrassi in a positive or negative light… thank you. If you’ve clicked or typed anything for us… thank you. We appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

The-Mary: Rad.

The-Mary: What’s going on with music?

-Aubrey-: Aaaaaah…the question of all questions! ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT… coming Mid-October. The sampler songs are up on www.myspace.com/thisisdrake. It’s dirty backpack music for anybody that loves hearing good ish! I’m proud of it.

The-Mary: Are you gonna tour or anything?

-Aubrey-: Once I find a home or a label to rep for… right now I’m doing my independent thing. I love that hustle, it creates a mainstream desire.

The-Mary: Yeah, and it keeps you honest. Keeps you out of that green-lit bathroom with the scummy walls.

-Aubrey-: True that son.

The-Mary:Anything else on your mind lately that you want to share?

-Aubrey-: Jake Epstein is in my dressing room with his shirt off (YES!!!)


-Aubrey-: Done deal

-Aubrey-: Where’s JaSaun?

The-Mary: Wait, didn’t she go to LA with you guys?

The-Mary: Did you take her to In ‘N Out burger and put two straws in a milkshake and feed each other french fries as you stared longingly into one another’s eyes?

-Aubrey-: That’s a me and you thing… JaSaun isn’t for the sappy romance. I told her she’s too hard to read, she’s like a closed door, with a wreath on it. But I know of her Hallmark feelings, she can try to hide it but I think deep down she knows where her heart lies!

The-Mary: Allright, i should let you get back to oiling Jake’s chest.

-Aubrey-: Yes yes, the Johnson & Johnson awaits…

The-Mary: Enjoy yourselves. It was a blast talking with you as allllllways.

-Aubrey-: I love you like you don’t even know!! I tell everyone to read your column, you’re a true friend for real!

-Aubrey-: I’ll hold you down mamichula… but I’m off to some boring TV Guide interview.

The-Mary: My interview was so much awesomer than theirs will be. Talk soon!

-Aubrey-: Bye

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  1. Posted November 21, 2013 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Ha! I just read this from my old files on my computer and Googled it to see if it was online. I also have another old interview that you did with him, before this one. Crazy how time changed things!

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