Old-ass Stacey Farber Interview

[This was for The-N.com in 2005. Stacey was Ellie on Degrassi, and I was a big, big fan. There were many other interviews after it, but this one makes me the happiest to read. I love how totally candid and fearless and independent those kids were. The Degrassi cast are seriously the sweetest, least spoiled, most down to earth, funnest interviews, always.]

-Stacey-: It’s S Farbs

The-Mary: NO
The-Mary: WAY
The-Mary: OMG
The-Mary: Finally finally finally

-Stacey-: Why have we never met?

The-Mary: I KNOW! Next time you’re in NY, for real.

-Stacey-: Serios…. (pronounced seer-ee-ose)

The-Mary: Alright, so how much sleep did you (not) get last weekend?

-Stacey-: I got some sleep. The first night was slightly HORRIBLE because our flight was delayed and we got to our rooms at 3:00 a.m. – approx. 7:00 a.m. our time. And then we had to meet in the lobby at 6:00 to head to “Good Day L.A.”

The-Mary: OMG. And that woman has so much… energy. I was watching video of that interview like “how does she do that at negative 150 in the morning?”

-Stacey-: i KNOW

The-Mary: So how is Aubrey as a travel/mall havoc/crazy early interview partner?

-Stacey-: He’s amazing. I’m sure you can tell from Best Friends Date or whatever… we are very good friends. He’s hilarious and whether we were walking the red carpet or watching movies at the hotel, we were laughing the whole time.

The-Mary: Did you get any In N Out burger?

-Stacey-: Four times. And after I told an interviewer that I loved it, he sent me some gift certificates.

The-Mary: NICE! Such perks! OK: I heard you met Paris Hilton. Tell me everything, leave out nothing.

-Stacey-: O.k. Ra-fael [from The N] had just introduced me to Ashlee Simpson, but it was a little awkward meeting people through him. Suddenly this guy, Jose, appears and tells me he’s a huge fan the show, blah blah blah. He does PR in Hollywood (though he’s only 27) and he knows EVERYONE so he takes me to chill in Paris’ booth/area.

-Stacey-: I met her…she was standing on the booth, naturally. But she was cool. Her hair was to her chin.

The-Mary: No way! So I’m really curious: when she meets people, does she use her high/soft/kinda ditzy voice, or her regular intelligent woman voice?

-Stacey-: Please. The “out of it” voice.

The-Mary: Of course. I should have known. I hoped, but… anyway. More geeky questions: what’s it like to walk on a red carpet, is it really soft? What’s going through your head?

-Stacey-: The red carpet is jokes. One photographer at the start of the line finds out who you are and then they tell the others. Eventually every photographer is yelling your name. Fortunately, I experienced the chaos at fashion week, so I was half-expecting it.

-Stacey-: Side note: At the Teen People party? I looked down the red carpet at one point and the order was: Aubs, Me, Chad, Hilary, Haylie, Joel. JOKES

The-Mary: Sounds perfectly natural to me!

-Stacey-: And it has to be said: I got Jojo’s number. And she now has mine. She practically JUMPED on me when we met. She’s a huge fan of the show. She said, and I quote, “Degrassi is the realest it gets.”
The-Mary: !!! Ok now I love her.

The-Mary: So seeing the different levels of celebrity insanity at that party (I can only imagine)… were you left feeling like there’s a point where things could get TOO insane, like is there a fame level you’re kind of frightened of reaching? Or did it all look like fun?

-Stacey-: No. That’s the thing. I found the whole situation very… comical. To sum
it up… the major players at the party were: Hilary, Chad, Wilmer, Ashlee, Ryan, Paris, Nick Cannon, Hayden (the girl from Racing Stripes), Michelle (Ice Princess), etc. THE NEXT NIGHT… and the awards, IT WAS THE EXACT SAME CREW.

The-Mary: They just roll from one big event with lots of cameras to another?

-Stacey-: And it’s not like they’re friends… they just all go to the SAME events, SAME parties and see the SAME faces.

-Stacey-: They don’t all hang out together. And they just check each other out.

The-Mary: Weeeeeeird.

The-Mary: So I don’t know if you already have a bf but: meet any cute boys? Get any other phone numbers? Any late night games of celebrity truth or dare in the hotel?

-Stacey-: I do have a b.f. But Wilmer was really cute in person. I didn’t like him before I met him.

The-Mary: Yeah I’ve never gotten the Wilmer thing; why is he such a major player with one sitcom role? Ex-role? Is he just that hot in person?

-Stacey-: He is! He’s really attractive.

The-Mary: Ok so… duh, congratulations on the Teen Choice Award! Do you have anything to say to all the voters who went out there and clicked that choice and clicked it hard?

-Stacey-: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.We are so excited and flattered and thrilled that the voters chose a Canadian show as the best summer series. We are getting the recognition that our show deserves.

The-Mary: Word that. So any lasting hand injuries from the signing in LA? I heard it was BONKERS.

-Stacey-: It was redonkulous. Soo many fans. I loved every minute of it. Plus, some people brought me birthday presents.

The-Mary: Any big birthday plans? How old are you now?

The-Mary: I sang that last part, if you couldn’t tell. I don’t know if they do that one in Canadia.

-Stacey-: Haha. I’m turning 18.

The-Mary: Radness. A good age.

-Stacey-: Agreed. I’m excited.

The-Mary: Dancing? Party? Sit at home doing facials and watching TV?

-Stacey-: A mix of those things lol. I don’t know. Maybe someone will throw me a party.

The-Mary: They better if they know what’s good for them.

The-Mary: OK. I should let you get back to work.

-Stacey-: Well it’s lunch now… so I should grab some eats.

The-Mary: K, enjoy the eats then. It was SO GOOD finally talking to you… I can’t wait to meet you for reals. Thanks much for all your typing 🙂

-Stacey-: I know! I need to visit NYC soon!! Thanks so much for all YOUR typing. This was fun! Xo

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