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Constance McMillen all over again.

Tweet It’s Constance McMillen all over again: a high school principal in Corpus Christi, Texas has decided that if the law requires him to allow students to start a Gay Straight Alliance at Flour Bluff High School, he’ll just ban all extra-curricular clubs to avoid complying with the law. Thankfully, it looks like senior Nikki […]

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I feel bad for Cassy Herkelman.

Tweet I mean, not that I pity her; I don’t think she needs my pity. Also, she could probably tie me in a Windsor knot but what I feel bad about is that: She makes the friggin’ Iowa state tournament in wrestling. She and one other girl (Megan Black) are the first two girls to […]

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30 All-Ages Shows in 30 Days

Tweet [Old post for The-N.com from 2004.] So when I was on my road trip across the big huge country that I live in, I had an unfortunate run in with a bad oil change that resulted in me getting stuck in Colorado for about 3 days while my car had some very serious brain […]

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