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This is your brain on tanning

Tweet New brain research! Scientists have now shown that people’s brains light up in the “oooh, drugs!” and “oooh, sugar!” parts of the brains when they’re on a tanning bed. But only if it’s a real tanning bed; if the light is filtered for UV rays (aka, the cancer kind) without their knowing it, they […]

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Why do guys only like Oompa Loompa girls?

Tweet [Old The-N.com post, July 2007, preserving it for posterity.] “There are these guys I have crushes on: 3 and a half to be exact. The half is my best guy friend, that I really can’t have a crush on but I do anyway….. While I’m setting him up with one of my close friends. […]

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You’re allowed to think you’re pretty. It doesn’t mean you’re conceited.

Tweet There isn’t anything wrong with thinking you are pretty … as long as you don’t think it makes you better than anybody else.” -pandora615 [These are some blogs I wrote in January of 2008 on The-N.com. Didn’t want it to disappear from the internets forever.] … So, back on the topic of conceitedness. This […]

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Comparing is dumb.

Tweet [Old The-N.com post I wrote, reproduced for posterity. kthx.] I went to this yoga workshop last weekend, and this one throwaway thing that the teacher said totally blew my mind and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. He was saying how when men come to yoga class they compare themselves… and not to […]

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