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I don’t think it’s cute when girls are mean to their boyfriends.

Tweet Hi. Here is a list of things that are wrong with this picture that I saw on tumblr:

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Why do guys only like Oompa Loompa girls?

Tweet [Old The-N.com post, July 2007, preserving it for posterity.] “There are these guys I have crushes on: 3 and a half to be exact. The half is my best guy friend, that I really can’t have a crush on but I do anyway….. While I’m setting him up with one of my close friends. […]

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You’re allowed to think you’re pretty. It doesn’t mean you’re conceited.

Tweet There isn’t anything wrong with thinking you are pretty … as long as you don’t think it makes you better than anybody else.” -pandora615 [These are some blogs I wrote in January of 2008 on The-N.com. Didn’t want it to disappear from the internets forever.] … So, back on the topic of conceitedness. This […]

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Do you trust him with your body?

Tweet [This is from October 2009 on The-N.com. A little back story: on Degrassi, Alli Bandhari lost her virginity to Johnny DiMarco on something of a whim. Afterwards, he told her that it had been his first time, too. Buuut then the next season, he pulled her aside to let her know he had “a […]

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Why is kissing so awesome?

Tweet [lalala, old The-N.com post, vanished from the intornets, re-published here for my portfolio.] Researchers released a study last week about all the stuff that goes on when you get frenchy: that your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels decrease, and oxytocin (the feel-good happy bonding hormone) levels go up in guys, but go down in […]

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How to Approach a Random Cute Person

Tweet [This is a piece I wrote for The-N.com in 2004 maybe? Except back then it was “Approach a random hottie.” I decided to change it to “cute person” so it wouldn’t make me cringe. ] OK. Approaching random cute people is not amateur stuff. So first, some prep work: two very important rules of engagement. […]

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16 Reasons Boys Don’t Suck

Tweet For reasons science has not yet deduced, their hugs just work better. Yes, they show off… but it’s all to impress you. They’re not nearly as harsh with the criticizing girls’ bodies as girls are on themselves and each other. Without them, would we have the word “gnarly”? It’s doubtful. When they see “Boys […]

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