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This is your brain on tanning

Tweet New brain research! Scientists have now shown that people’s brains light up in the “oooh, drugs!” and “oooh, sugar!” parts of the brains when they’re on a tanning bed. But only if it’s a real tanning bed; if the light is filtered for UV rays (aka, the cancer kind) without their knowing it, they […]

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OMG, peers, stop like pressuring me!

Tweet Interesting NYTimes post about a new teen brain study… The take away is basically that “peer pressure” often comes from within, rather than from your peers. In the experiment, teens playing a driving game made riskier choices when they were told that two of their same-sex friends were watching in another room. So it’s […]

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Going stag to prom: so hot right now.

Tweet [Old The-N.com post, 2007, round about prom time.] OK, I know we’re all probably pretty prommed out at this point, but just for the record, in case it ever affects a decision you have to make, I have seen multiple blogs and nMails in favor of going stag to prom, and I have yet […]

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Why is kissing so awesome?

Tweet [lalala, old The-N.com post, vanished from the intornets, re-published here for my portfolio.] Researchers released a study last week about all the stuff that goes on when you get frenchy: that your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels decrease, and oxytocin (the feel-good happy bonding hormone) levels go up in guys, but go down in […]

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