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New Gus Vant Sant – Restless

Tweet 1) Gus Van Sant 2) Mia “Jane Eyre” “Alice In Wonderland” etc Waiskowska 2) Dennis Hopper’s (adorable) son 3) Teen romance Sold. (Well… I admit to having slight reservations about the whole ghost issue buuuttt… #1 calms my fears.) You know what? It’s been way too long since I watched My Own Private Idaho. […]

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Old-ass Aubrey Graham (Drake) Interview

Tweet [I did this interview with Aubrey Graham over IM in 2005, for The-N.com. I have no idea if he’d be upset that I’m keeping it alive over here as part of my portfolio, but I think it’s kind of hilarious and awesome. I remember asking him (I think twice) afterwards if he was really […]

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Old-ass Stacey Farber Interview

Tweet [This was for The-N.com in 2005. Stacey was Ellie on Degrassi, and I was a big, big fan. There were many other interviews after it, but this one makes me the happiest to read. I love how totally candid and fearless and independent those kids were. The Degrassi cast are seriously the sweetest, least […]

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