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I don’t think it’s cute when girls are mean to their boyfriends.

Tweet Hi. Here is a list of things that are wrong with this picture that I saw on tumblr:

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I feel bad for Cassy Herkelman.

Tweet I mean, not that I pity her; I don’t think she needs my pity. Also, she could probably tie me in a Windsor knot but what I feel bad about is that: She makes the friggin’ Iowa state tournament in wrestling. She and one other girl (Megan Black) are the first two girls to […]

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Why do guys only like Oompa Loompa girls?

Tweet [Old The-N.com post, July 2007, preserving it for posterity.] “There are these guys I have crushes on: 3 and a half to be exact. The half is my best guy friend, that I really can’t have a crush on but I do anyway….. While I’m setting him up with one of my close friends. […]

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Why is kissing so awesome?

Tweet [lalala, old The-N.com post, vanished from the intornets, re-published here for my portfolio.] Researchers released a study last week about all the stuff that goes on when you get frenchy: that your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels decrease, and oxytocin (the feel-good happy bonding hormone) levels go up in guys, but go down in […]

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How to Approach a Random Cute Person

Tweet [This is a piece I wrote for The-N.com in 2004 maybe? Except back then it was “Approach a random hottie.” I decided to change it to “cute person” so it wouldn’t┬ámake me cringe. ] OK. Approaching random cute people is not amateur stuff. So first, some prep work: two very important rules of engagement. […]

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The Girl Code of Honor

Tweet Yo. This is REALLY OLD. I wrote it in 1999 over on marychen.com. I kind of want to re-visit some parts of it… but here it is! Section One: Dating and “Open Season” Section Two: Declaring the Love of Your Life Section Three: Fashion Section Four: Secrets Section One: Dating and Open Season. Rule […]

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