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I feel bad for Cassy Herkelman.

Tweet I mean, not that I pity her; I don’t think she needs my pity. Also, she could probably tie me in a Windsor knot but what I feel bad about is that: She makes the friggin’ Iowa state tournament in wrestling. She and one other girl (Megan Black) are the first two girls to […]

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Question: Do you think it’s creepy when authors start fake blogs/tumblrs/etc to lure you in?

Tweet So, a friend recently showed me this blog-type-apparatus of a writer friend of hers. The blog portends to be written by a teenage girl living in a unique circumstance and the author is definitely a great writer; I got totally sucked in. But you know, it’s not really written by a teenage girl. I […]

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Good news! TV won’t get you pregnant.

Tweet A new study says that watching 16 and Pregnant does not make teenagers want to go out and get impregnated, and in fact scares the hell out of most of them. Also, just a reminder, watching sex on TV probably won’t get you pregnant either.

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